Paint Correction &
Ceramic Coating

What is Paint correction & ceramic coating ?

We offer paint correction specially in all minor scratches and swirls removal 95% satisfied, always using the best products.

We also offer Ceramic coating, the ultimate trend of an evolution in surface technology the 9h quartz coating at all on your vehicle, paint coating leather or vinyl coating , plastic coating , windows & glass coating, wheel & caliper coating.

We are certified in both process by Gloss-IT which allows us to guarantee that we can remove all minor scratches, marks, hard water spots & more, making your vehicle look as good as new without leaving any swirls marks.

We can also apply ceramic coating which will apply a high gloss to your vehicle that can last for years, with warranty,  depending on the package you select. This process will make your vehicle super hydrophobic (water repellent), UV resistant, stain resistant and scratch resistant. We can coat any surface including leather or vinyl interiors, windows, glass, plastic, wheels or caliper.

For more details and prices please contact us. We have many options and we can offers special deals to you!

The products we use

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